A growth-oriented private equity firm partnering with B2B software and service companies Investing in Nordic Growth Stories

What we doInvesting in the digital transformation of business and society

We invest in digitalisation as business solutions and processes move from manual to automated, from analog to digital. The Nordics is a great environment with a long history of engineering, innovation and modern infrastructure for companies to excel. Our focus is to find technology companies, typically B2B SaaS businesses, in the Nordic region built by dedicated entrepreneurs with their own unique growth story. We call it “Investing in Nordic Growth Stories”.

How we do itPartnering with proven businesses

We are an entrepreneurial investor that actively partners with proven technology companies to grow and succeed. With Standout as an investor, companies should expect a strong professional commitment to enable full scalability, accelerate sustainable growth and investments in good corporate governance.

Who we areEntrepreneurial team with broad experience

The Standout team combines significant experience in entrepreneurship, investments, finance, strategy and technology. We are located in Stockholm but most often out visiting companies across the Nordics.

What you should expect from Standout

Operational know-how

Our team has extensive operational experience in growing companies whether related to internationalization, SaaS KPIs, recruitment, sales & marketing, add-on acquisitions, governance, sustainability etc.

Professional approach

We bring long experience from responsible ownership, boardwork, private equity, strategy consulting and investment banking

Unlocking growth potential

We identify scalability in technology companies and help founders develop their business for profitable and sustainable growth ​

Strong networks

We leverage our strong local and global networks for specific expertise and to drive international expansion

Case studies

Learn more about some of the success stories we have had throughout the years