Blog postLooking Forward to an Exciting Journey Ahead, Introducing Filip Lidman

Being the latest addition to the Standout Capital team I want to share a short blog post about me and what skills I hope to bring to the firm as well as to our portfolio companies.

Having previously worked for and invested in entrepreneurial, often tech oriented, companies and most recently held a strategic advisory role I hope to bring a mix of strategic and financial experience to complement the Standout team.

While being part of the investment team at private equity firm Via Equity in Copenhagen I made several investments in entrepreneurial-driven companies in sectors ranging from educational software to offshore wind services. I later supported these and other portfolio companies in growing through consolidating their markets. Complementing my experiences from the investment side of the table are my time in strategy consulting with the Boston Consulting Group in Stockholm advising and supporting large Nordic organisations on strategy and transformation projects. Earlier in my career, I have also gained insights into the operational side of tech while working for Google in Dublin, focusing on online advertising.

Combined I believe these experiences have given me some essential tools for investing and supporting growth oriented businesses. Now as part of the Standout Capital team, I am looking forward to put this toolkit to use in assisting our portfolio companies in growing and succeeding. However, I realise that experience in the tech sector is constantly evolving, and you always have to keep an open mind.

New to the team I am pleased to learn that however established as an investment company, Standout is in its core an entrepreneurial firm. With diverse experiences as entrepreneurs, investors and corporate financiers, an agile investment model and a clear focus on value creation, I am certain that we make a strong growth partner to the companies we invest in. I am happy to have joined Standout in these early days and I look forward to a developing and exciting journey ahead!