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Press Release – Stockholm, Sweden (MyNewsdesk)

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Standout Capital invest in Miradore, a Finnish based leader in device management and security software, becoming their largest shareholder. With the support of Standout Capital, Miradore will increase investments in organic growth outside Finland as well as pursue selective acquisition opportunities.

Miradore provides software to keep corporate devices (laptops, mobiles, tablets) secure, whether it is enforcing secure containers of data, passcodes, VPN usage or patching software updates remotely. The company is active in several industries including healthcare, retail, government, education as well as with Managed Service Providers such as Tieto and Fujitsu. The overall proposition is to offer a secure toolbox of high quality cloud based device management software at an effective price point complemented with outstanding and uncompromised customer service.

“We are experiencing significant international demand from our customers for increased device and security management for any type of devices their employees are using. The requirement to manage corporate and BYOD devices in an efficient and cost effective manner is now a must, especially in light of tighter regulatory environments like GDPR or HIPAA. With Standout as a professional investor, we are well equipped to meet the increasing demand from our customers particularly in the US and continue to invest in our products.” says Simo Salmensuu, CEO of Miradore.

“In the last few years Miradore has gained great customer traction internationally for their device security management software as an independent provider. The need for safeguarding data on devices is crucial, whether it is law enforcement in the US, healthcare provider in Sweden or software provider in Singapore. Their large number of customers across many industries are a true testament to the value of their products and we are excited to partner with Miradore in their continued growth.” says Erik Wästlund, Partner at Standout Capital.  

About Miradore

Miradore is a Finnish based software company specializing in providing world-class cloud-based solutions for managing any type of IT & mobile devices efficiently. Our goal is to help Managed Service Providers (MSP) and IT departments to secure and control mobile/tablet/PC devices, while dramatically cutting costs and creating value-added IT automation. Founded in 2006, the company was born out of a need for better IT tooling at paper giant UPM. Today our software is used by more than 10 000 organizations in 160 countries, covering over 1 000 000 devices.

About Standout Capital

Standout Capital is a Stockholm-based private equity firm investing in growing Nordic tech companies. As an active owner, our mission is to partner with outstanding companies to help them grow and succeed. Standout Capital’s investment strategy is to support the digital transformation in business and society. The founders and investment team build on experience in entrepreneurship, investments and finance. The Standout Capital I fund is SEK 1 billion.

Contacts and further information

Erik Wästlund, Partner, Standout Capital, +46 70 755 79 69,
Simo Salmensuu, CEO, Miradore, +358 50 386 3260,

Image: Simo Salmensuu, CEO of Miradore

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